Bachelor's Degree

I accomplished my Bachelor's Degree in Linguistic Mediation for Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at SSML Unicollege in Mantova.

I studied English, German and French as a third language for the entire duration of my Bachelor's.

My curriculum is in marketing & social science.

Here is an overview of the courses I attended and their content.

A general knowledge of a specialized field is fundamental for an interpreter as much as developing various horizontal competences alongside vertical competences in linguistic mediation

Alongside linguistic and cultural mediation, I have studied foundations of PR and Business Comunication, International Marketing, Advertisement, Law and Economics. 

Language and Translation

I studied English, German and French languages, active and passive translation.

Linguistic Mediation

I was trained by professional trainers in liason and consecutive interpreting, both passive and active for English, German and French.

Linguistica applicata

An overview on linguistics to acquire fundamental tools for cross-language analysis and to enhance learning strategies.

Italian Language and Literature

A monographic course on late 20th century authors, the pillars of Italian literature with a module on Italian advanced linguistics.

Culture and Institutions

I studied an overview of English and German culture, literature, fine arts and institutions.

Public Relations and Business Communication

An overview of business communication (press releases) and the idea of media and customer reputation and perception were analysed. Paid media, owned media, influencer. Crisis management and communication was dealt with.

International Marketing

With ramping globalization, businesses are international. Their strategies are developed on multiple countries. Business units are delocalised abroad where conditions are more attractive (for their society, economy, technology, population) and accessible (tariff and nontariff barriers). Firstly, businesses open to the world with exports. Then, they establish productions plants abroad. Franchising, licensing and joint ventures are put in place. Product, brand and price policies are adapted to local culture. 

Theory and Practice of Advertisement

Foundations on Brand Awareness, Brand Identity, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Reason Why, Mission, Vision. An introduction to the work of an advertisement agency. Ad case study of a wheel company.

Advertisement and Theory of New Media Languages

Introduction on media planning with a focus on AD KPIs like Return on Investment (ROI), Brand Naming, packaging, spots, advertising self-regulation. Practical training and case studies on ambient media and unconventional marketing. Training on media planning.

Advertisement Creativity and Digital Languages

Theory of ADV creativity. Positioning and copy brief. Top of mind, Brand Image, laddering, brand strategy. Strategy-Idea-Execution, creativity techniques, Branded Content, Viral Marketing, Native Advertising.

International and Public Law

Overview of Italian Constitutional Law and sources of law, both national and European. State and citizens, constitution, ius soli and ius sanguinis. Idea of nation. International Law: sources, usages, treaties. Transposition of international sources. Special part on Veneto autonomy claims. 

International Strategies for Economic Development

Economic theories and configuration of international organisations. Study of UN SDGs and MDGs and reports of UNEP and UNDP to identify current geopolitical challenges. Team work and cooperative learning. 


Internship in the historic automotive field at Mantova Corse S.r.l., Gran Premio Nuvolari in Mantova. We kept in touch also after the internship with translation of press releases into English and German.

Thesis – The Political and Territorial Reorganization of the European Republic. Political Utopia between Translation and Reality.
    Please see page 9 of the PDF file at the link on the right for an abstract in English.